Jennings Anodes USA is the Cathodic Protection arm of Specialist Castings. We have more than 50 years of experience manufacturing and supplying high quality anodes to the global market.

About Us

We are a leading manufacturer of corrosion control products, including magnesium anodes, aluminum anodes, zinc anodes, zinc ribbon anodes, High Silicon Cast Iron (HSCI), mixed metal oxide (MMO) and galvanic/sacrificial anodes, supplying customers across the marine, construction, power, oil and gas industries.

Operating on a global scale, at Jennings Anodes, we pride ourselves on manufacturing our products to the strictest quality and traceability guidelines and international standards, including ASTM, BS/ISO and European standards.
We believe that our technical expertise is matched by our production capability, providing our customers with the highest quality products and a first-rate service.

Our rigorous approach to manufacturing and testing during our casting process ensures optimum anode performance and lifespan, guaranteeing a high-quality product. 

Quality Management

Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures are employed and strictly implemented to guarantee the performance of Jennings Anodes products. Jennings Anodes casting process ensures the ultimate performance of the anode and the life of the anode. According to ASTM sampling practice, anode samples are taken before and after every heat. Testing reports are enclosed in the shipping documents for each order. Every anode is stamped with a unique serial number for quality tracking and after-sale service. 3rd party testing is conducted by customers special request at extra charge.

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