Jennings Anodes USA Inc. Your Reliable Source of Field-proven Practice & Cost-effective Approach in Cathodic Protection

Jennings Anodes USA Inc. is a leading manufacturer and provider of the entire range of Corrosion Control (CP) products and equipment including but not limited to: Magnesium Anode, Aluminum Anode, Zinc Anode, Zinc Ribbon Anode, High Silicon Cast Iron (HSCI) Anode, Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) Anode, Rectifiers, Reference Electrodes, Test Stations and Junction Boxes.

We are also a distributor of CP materials, including backfills, insulating materials, cables and wires, connections and other accessories.

Over 30 years' experience and expertise from design to manufacture, the quality of our products is guaranteed to ensure the performance of the protected structures and systems.


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