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Marine Growth Prevention Growth (MGPS) Anti-fouling System


Ships while sailing use seawater for several purposes, One primarily function seawater serves is to cool the engine and 

parts of the ship while its operating. However, As the seawater passes through the various pipes and parts of the 

ships engine, marine organisms could deposite along their surface.

The main fouling organisms (macrofouling) can be inhibited from growing by dosing small quantities of copper into 
the water. The ionic products formed by the copper anodes are hostile to marine fouling and is carried by the flow of 

water to settle on surfaces where marine fouling is most likely to adhere. 

The copper anodes are generally installed in combination with aluminium anodes. The transport of the copper ions 
is assisted by aluminium hydroxide created by the aluminium anodes which flocculates with the released copper 

ions. Aluminum hydroxide colloid formed could provide an anti corrosive film over the sea water piping system.


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