We have more than 50 years experience in manufacturing and supplying anodes for cathodic protection.
Our extensive range of anodes includes both impressed current anodes and sacrificial anodes. Our manufacturing facilities enable us to produce large quantities of our standard ranges of anodes but also the flexibility to produce custom made anodes to exact specifications.  
All anodes are supplied with Internal Company Certification using our on site testing facilities. Our company facilities include Life Testing to NACE TM0108, JCM-6000 Plus Scanning Electron Microscopes; Spectrometers, Galvanostats, Multimeters, Reference Electrodes, Megger Ohmometers and many more.
Upon request we can also provide external certification following testing by NAMAS approved testing laboratories, G97 accelerated corrosion tests from USA laboratories and X-ray testing of anodes to ASTM E184 or other criteria to ensure we operate at the highest quality levels required of the worldwide marketplace. 
We pride ourselves on our level of service and aftercare.
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