Lead Dioxide Electrode
Titanium based lead dioxide (Ti/PbO2) is an electrode with several PbO layers on Ti substrate.

Anode Type

Lead Dioxide Electrode


Gr1 Titanium

Coating Type


Dimension & Shape

Plate, mesh, rod or customized

Coating Thickness

500 ~ 1000m

Working Parameter

Current density 5,000A/m2; PH 1 ~ 4; Temperature <60

Titanium based lead dioxide (Ti/PbO2) is an electrode with several PbO layers on Ti substrate.Lead Dioxide Electrode is used as an anode material in electrochemistry. Jennings Anodes Ti/PbO2 Electrode is with low resistivity, good corrosion resistance even in low-pH medium, and a high overvoltage for the evolution of oxygen in sulfuric- and nitric-acidbased electrolytes. As its high oxygen evolution overvoltage,  the Ti/PbO2 Electrode are popular used in waste water cleaning, the organics etc. In waste water 

can be decomposed efficiently by anodic oxidation.When water electrolysis with this electrode, high concentration ozone can be generated. This electrode can also be utilized as an anode for electrolysis ozone evolution.


1. Chromium plating and hard chromium plating stronger acid solution
2. Chromate treatment
3. To make chromic acidperchlorate and periodate
4. Electrochemical oxidation synthetic organic compounds in acid solution
5. Electrolysis recovery and extraction of nonferrous metals in stronger in stronger acid solution
6. Water clarification by electrolytic oxidation

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