IrO2-Ta2O5 Coated Titanium Electrode Mesh
Iridium Coated Titanium Anode consists of the pure titanium substrate and active coating (IrO2+Ta2O5+ X).

Anode Type

Iridium Oxide Coated Titanium Anode


Gr1 Titanium as substrate, mmo as coating

Coating Type

IrO2 + Ta2O5 + X

Dimension & Shape

Plate, mesh, rod or customized

Noble metal content

8 C 25g/m2

Working Parameter

Current density 15,000A/m2; PH 1~12;

Concentration Range of H2SO4 <60%

Fluoride ion content <50mg/L; Temperature <80


Iridium tantalum oxide coated are considered optimum choice as anodes in various industries for its strong corrosion resistance in acid environment, low overpotential for oxygen evolution, great physical stability and its environmental safety. Compared with traditional electrodes, Ir-Ta MMO electrodes presence better electrochemical stability under sulfate/chloride environment and longer service life.

Accumulated decades of coated titanium electrode technology, JAU kept providing our clients with high quality Ir-Ta MMO electrode regarding multiple oxygen-evolution systems. JAU electrodes have been applied to industries like copper foil production, electroplating, cathodic protection, organic synthesis, acid solution electrolysis, electrowinning, etc.


1. Cathodic Protection
2. Waste Water Treatment
3. Copper Electrowinning
4. Organic Synthesis
5. Metal Surface Treatment

6. Electrodialysis

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