Platinized Titanium Electrode Wire
The platinized electrode is the most widely used type of electrode.It makes a regular appearance in electroplating, fuel cells, and other electrochemical applications.

Anode Type

Platinized Titanium Electrode


Gr1 Titanium as substrate

Coating Type


Dimension & Shape

Plate, mesh, rod or customized

Coating Thickness

General 1m~6m

Working Parameter

Current density 5,000A/m2, PH 1 ~ 12, Temperature <80

Fluoride ion content <50mg/L

Platinized titanium anodes are manufactured with a titanium base structure, in the form of either plate, rod, wire, mesh or tube (or any shape as per request). A thin coating of platinum with at least 0.1 microns (with a 20 maximum) thick is maintained on anodes surface,made ready for metal finishing at plating baths. These platinum coated anodes posses the electrochemical properties as platinum has and behaves like platinum metal.Platinized metal anodes are widely recognized as a practical part for various applications including hardchrome plating, metal electroplating, electronics and semiconductor industry, chemical process engineering, electroplating, electrodialysis, electroforming (Conforming anodes), electrochemical sensing, electrowinning and metal refining, electrolytic regeneration of chromic acid, sodium hypochlorite production, Electrosynthesis of organic and inorganic chemicals and cathodic protection applications.


1. Electroplating of precious metal
2. Ionized water electrolysis
3. HHO generator
4. Horizontal/pulse plating
5. Cathodic protection

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